I Got Answers

Wow, it’s been awhile since I last posted a blog. Life has just been wonderfully crazy and I truthfully have not had the opportunity to sit down and write a blog during this current season in life. I still get many questions about my strange diet, remission, what the heck is Hashimoto’s Disease? I figured I would do a little Q & A on the questions I get asked frequently! 

The short story, it is an autoimmune disease that makes the thyroid move slower than it should. When your thyroid is not working properly you can experience some of these symptoms: hair loss, sensitivity to cold, weight gain and constant tiredness. There are more symptoms, but those are usually the big indicators that there is something wrong going on.

Yes! I thank the Lord everyday for His healing. 

  • How did you figure out how to stop taking medication? Should I do the same? 

Nate discovered the “Strange Diet” from reading about others who eliminated the 3 and were able to go into remission. Some researches said just eliminate gluten, some said to do all 3. When I went to the first endocrinologist and Nate suggested the idea the doctor brushed it off and said I had no hope and needed to go on medication. After being on the medication for a few weeks and how it negatively affected my body (part of it was it was too high of a dose for me) and ending up in the hospital, I knew medication wasn’t the right call for me. I felt crummy before the medication so I figured it couldn’t be any worse if I eliminated these foods. 

I am not a doctor so I cannot encourage you to take the same route as me because everybody is different. I suggest if you are wanting to try alternative ways of healing and relief to find an endocrinologist you trust or a naturopathic doctor. My hope is with my blog to inspire you that there is hope! 

  • Since I am in remission, do I still avoid gluten, dairy & soy? 

Yes, I still eat gluten, dairy and soy free. There are times that I have accidentally eaten one of those things. It doesn’t affect my body as bad as it used to but I don’t feel very great afterwards. Plus if these 3 things help push my body to remission, why would I go back and take a chance of getting Hashimoto’s Disease again?

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