Hashimoto’s Disease: Remission

As I recently celebrated the anniversary of when I changed my lifestyle to combat Hashimoto’s Disease, I feel it’s finally time to share some good news that I found out late last year. I am excited to share with you all that my autoimmune disease is in remission! Yes, I know it sounds crazy; I was shocked when my doctors shared this wonderful news with me. As with anyone who has gone into remission, there is a chance it can come back; however, each day I thank God for this blessing! I know it is rare and almost unheard of for people to go into remission with any sort of hypothyroidism, but my God is big and He is powerful. From the days my thyroid flared up, to when I felt like giving up, I continued to push forward. Changing my diet and lifestyle was no easy task, but boy, was it worth it. Thank you to everyone who has inspired me, supported me and encouraged me through this journey in my life. I am not a medical doctor and cannot say that the journey will be the same for you, but my hope is that my story inspires you. I am still being monitored by doctors to ensure my thyroid stays healthy. At the end of the day, I hope my story reminds you that God is still performing miracles and through Him there is healing and hope. 

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