What I’ve Been Up To

Howdy Hey! It’s been a while since I wrote some new content. Actually before the world got flipped upside down I had a bunch of content ready to be published. As many of my blogger friends have said, it’s been a little hard coming up with new content or sharing favorite things to buy with Covid affecting so many lives. I’m not just referring to those who got Covid-19, I’m talking about the effects of jobs being put on hold, mental health and so much more that has had a ripple effect on every part of life. Truthfully, I felt a little uncreative as I was going through some trials myself this season with so much of life on hold. As I talked about a few blogs ago, It’s Just a Season what we are currently experiencing. 

In the beginning of the year I mentioned in my blog, 2020: The Year of Zen, if it didn’t bring me peace that I would walk away for a moment. Which is why I haven’t been as active on social media recently. Being a full time blogger is great, I’m thankful for it, but this season in life threw us all for a loop. Nevertheless, with any situation there is always a reason to smile and look at the “Summers Side Up” on things. 

I am sure you can relate when I say I got creative in my “new normal” and a lot of wonderful memories were made with friends and family; from video chats and reconnecting to sitting down with a loved one and eating a meal. I hope we will all look back and remember the positives from this crazy time. 

Besides my mini breaks from social media, what else did I do during this time?

Spending time outside 

I am thankful that I live in a state where even during this season I was able to get outside. Vitamin D is so important and has played a huge role in my journey to feeling like my best self even with Hashimoto’s Disease. 

Found a new creative outlet

I love being creative and blogging has been a great outlet for me to show off my creativity. Since I wasn’t blogging I needed to find a new creative outlet! I picked up a camera and starting shooting sunset photos, including the one I used for the feature photo for this blog.

While everyone got Quarantine Bangs, I tried growing mine out

How on earth did I grow my hair? I fed it. How the heck do you feed your hair? By putting evoo (extra virgin olive oil) and egg mix in your hair. I think it grew, Nate says it looks longer. Even if it’s just some folk tale on how to grow your hair, it kept us entertained!

Date Night In 

I published a blog about fun date nights to do in your home. You can get inspired for your own date nights by checking out the blog! In any situation wine is always a good idea! 

Virtual Happy Hour 

I miss going out with my gal pals, so some of my gal pals and I video chatted during “traditional happy hour times” and chit chatted with our favorite glass of wine. 

Reconnecting with friends 

Video chatting and connecting with friends didn’t always happen during Happy Hour. Even though my friends live all over the place, I am grateful for technology and the memories shared with reconnecting with some old pals. 

Perfecting Self Tanner at Home

I love a good fake bake, aka sunless tan. I even wrote a whole blog on it last year, Sunny Side of Summertime: Sunless Tanning. With all the tanning salons closed I decided to just go for it with at home self tanner. I tried a sunless tan from home a long time ago and my tan came out looking more like tiger stripes. I figured if it went downhill that it would be okay because no one was going to see me anyway. 

Planning future vacations

I might not be getting on a cruise ship anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean I can’t daydream and plan a future vacation. Sometimes just thinking about a fun trip can help lift the blues. 

Self-Care aka striving for Zen 

As I mentioned earlier taking a break from social media, taking time to meditate, trying out a new skin care routine. It is so important no matter what is happening in the world to pause and relax. Unplug for a moment, trust me you are worth it. 

The last few weeks have involved a lot of self care, wine and just trying to embrace the moment. I know when I look back on this season I will smile with memories of the silly things I did or the conversations I had with reconnecting with friends. Life isn’t always easy, but wine helps. I am totally kidding about wine always being the solution. No matter what life brings there is always a “Sunny Side” to every situation.

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