Date Night In

As we all adjust to new norms; stores, gyms, movie theaters all being closed, date night has also been forced to evolve. Nate and I love date night, it’s an excuse to try something new, have someone else prepare our food, we love having a break from being home all day. Honestly, one of our favorite dates is going to one of our favorite wine bars and sitting for hours drinking one of our favorite bottles of wine! Relationships need fun things to look forward to, it’s healthy to want to spice things up! Since our anniversary trip has been postponed, it was time for us to reimagine date night. How can we bring our favorite date nights into our home? 

Here are some fun date nights you can do in the comfort of your own home: 

  • Patio Wine Drinking
    • Taking our favorite date and enjoying it on our patio! If you don’t drink you can always enjoy an iced tea!

  • Cooking, Baking or Cocktail Making Together 
    • Nate and I cook a lot together, mainly due to my Strange Diet; however, we don’t bake a lot so now is the perfect excuse to become expect pastry chefs! Fun fact, Nate is a really good bartender! During this time he can teach me the art of the perfect margarita.

  • Ordering out and Eating in
    • Since we cannot go to our favorite restaurant now, at least we can support them with take out.

  • Virtual Vacation
    • It’s no secret Nate and I love to travel. If we can’t go to the ocean or Disneyland, we will bring it to us! Find a YouTube video of your favorite attraction and sit back and enjoy the ride. To make it even more fun, dress up to immerse yourself into the virtual vacation.

  • Paint & Sip 
    • Vino and being creative, need I say more? You can even do this on your patio!

  • Practice Dancing (Salsa dancing, line dancing, two step, etc.) 
    • Once we can get back to the country bars, you better believe Nate and I will be there ready to dance the night away! Until then we will work on our two step and line dancing.

  • Double Date Skype Date
    • We are missing our pals, luckily we live in a world with video-chat. Set up a double date with some friends!

  • Workout Video
    • We miss the gym. I’ll never complain about leg day again! Find a fun workout video to do together! 

There is always the classic watch a movie and pop your own popcorn, bored games and such. Nevertheless, I hope our date night in ideas gave you some new ways to enjoy this season. What are some date nights at home you and your boo enjoy? Let me know! It is so easy to want to stay on social media all day or watch an entire series on Netflix, but take advantage of this time to enjoy and reconnect with your significant other! 

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