Royal Caribbean: Explorer of the Seas

There is just something about being near the ocean that makes my soul so happy. With 2020 being the year of zen, Nate and I are planning on being near the water a lot this year. When I say a lot I mean we are going on three cruises in 2020! 

Why do Nate and I love cruising so much? There are so many reasons: being near the water, being able to see so many beautiful places and having transportation, and meeting people from all over the world, food and activities all included. We also love that I don’t have to worry about going hungry because Royal Caribbean makes Cruising with Food Allergies a breeze! 

Our most recent cruise was on Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas! This was our first 9 night cruise and we sailed to their private island, Labadee, Haiti, as well as the ABC Islands: Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. All these ports in the Southern Caribbean were absolutely beautiful and some of our favorite places we have visited to date.  

There were so many things that made this trip special (besides the fact that we were sailing on Valentine’s Day), from the amazing entertainment to the endless activities offered. I could write a book about all of the things we loved about this cruise, but I will keep it short and sweet and give you some of the highlights! 

  • Panoramic Ocean View Room
    • We had the most beautiful room! Explorer of the Seas is 20 years old, but during her last dry dock, the Panoramic Ocean Views were added. The ship might be a bit older, but our room was only a few years old. We usually get a balcony, but with this room we didn’t miss the balcony.
  • All the beautiful ports   
      • Labadee, Haiti 
        • We loved exploring Royal Caribbean’s private island. We enjoyed lounging at all the different beaches! I also learned how to play chess during our time on the island; something Nate has been wanting to teach me for awhile now. 
      • Bonaire 
        • Who doesn’t love turquoise waters? This island is known for some of the best places to snorkel. We didn’t snorkel, but we didn’t have to because as we walked alongside the water we could see some beautiful fish! 
      • Aruba 
        • Everyone has heard of Aruba, and let me tell you it’s even more fab in person! Luxury shopping all over the island, but our favorite part was seeing the iguanas chilling on rocks near the beach.  
      • Curaçao
        • If this name sounds familiar it’s because it’s where the famous blue liquor comes from. Truthfully, out of all the islands, this was our favorite! This Dutch island almost looks like a more colorful Amsterdam with the buildings having a colorful flair! 
  • Activities on the ship 
    • You honestly never have to leave the ship to have fun during your cruise. From an adults only area to a trivia session, we had a blast with all the activities! 
      • Watercolor Class
      • Watching The Oscars poolside, under the Caribbean stars!
      • Live Music 
        • Nate and I love to dance, so much that people were recognizing us on the ship as “the dancing couple”! 
      • Ballroom Dancing Lessons 
        • We fine tuned our salsa dancing skills on the main stage! 
      • Ice Skating
        • Ice Skating is just way more fun when you are in the middle of the sea. 
      • Shows
        • Every show we saw was incredible! From live singers, dancers, comedians and so on. We enjoyed our after dinner shows! All the shows were fantastic, but the ice skating show was our favorite. 
      • Sushi Making Class
        • We also enjoyed a sushi making class at Izumi’s (a specialty restaurant). We actually were the only people who signed up so we got a private one on one class with the chef and I got to enjoy sushi for the first time in three years! I get so nervous about eating sushi with soy floating around, the chef helped me make rolls and gave me recipes of sushi that’s gluten, dairy and soy free! Nate and I then got to enjoy our creations sitting at the best table at the restaurant overviewing the ocean. It truly was one of the highlights of our cruise. 

Cruising is truly the best vacation because everyone on the ship has a different kind of experience. If you want to sit on a lounger all day and just soak up the sun, you can do that! If you want to participate in all the activities, eat a nice dinner and attend a show every night, you can do that! We all might be on one ship, but everyone will leave the cruise with a different experience. We have two more cruises on the horizon. I cannot wait to see what adventures are in store for our next time cruising the sea. 

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