2020: The Zen Experience

Happy 2020 Everybody! I know it’s been the new decade for a few weeks now, but I wanted to let you all know I am back from my social media break. Summers Side Up is officially back for the new decade with a new zen vibe. 

In my last blog, Happy Holidays, I mentioned that I was going to be taking a few weeks off from posting and taking a step back from the social media world during the holidays. Man, let me tell you, it was refreshing to take a moment to live in the moment and be present. 

During the first week off from social media it was an adjustment. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I open an app scroll for a moment or two and close it, only to open the same app I just closed out of to reopen it again. Also when life has “awkward moments” we so often just open our phones so we don’t have to participate in conversations. When life presented moments where I was sitting in a lobby or waiting on something, it was weird not pulling out my phone to pass the time. 

After the first week of being “unplugged” I started to embrace the “awkward moments” and found instead of scrolling to pass the time, I developed new hobbies and enjoyed the little moments around me. 

One of the biggest lessons I learned during my time away from social media is I had to be intentional and reach out to people instead of relying on Facebook or Instagram to fill me in on what’s new and happening.  

I have a few goals for this year, but one of the biggest goals is to live a more zen life. Although I enjoyed my time away from social media, I did miss connecting to friends from afar, fellow travelers and other autoimmune disease fighters. As a result, I have decided that I will take at least one day to “unplug” each week from social media. Maybe I will take another month off down the line. Just to give myself a chance to unplug and embrace those “awkward moments” we all have learned to not enjoy. Nevertheless, whatever brings me zen I will do! 

Have you taken a social media break? What was your biggest takeaway? 

I am so excited to be back to blogging and cannot wait to share some fun new content as well as share Nate and I’s upcoming adventures. Cheers to 2020; a year of zen, new adventures and new blogs that bring joy!

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