Wine Exchange Christmas Party

It’s the most wine-derful time of the year! When you love wine as much Nate and I do, why not throw a wine themed Christmas party? This is an idea Nate and I have been tossing around for years and finally we decided to make it a reality. This is a fun way to switch up the classic ornament exchange. This would even be great for a Galentine’s Party; truthfully, anytime is a good time to throw a wine exchange party! 

As much as Nate and I love entertaining, we wanted to make it stress free. We decided to host it at our favorite local allergy friendly joint! We decided on hosting it here for a few reasons: location, people with and without food allergies love the food, good happy hour and half off bottles of wine on Saturday nights! 

We made and sent digital invites to some friends. You can check out our invitations for inspiration! We wanted to make sure everyone got included so we made it a rule, that if you don’t bring a wine ya can’t wine. 

Here are the other rules to make it fair (you can edit as you want, but wanted to make it stress free and fun for everyone)! 


Once everyone arrived it became party time! The nice thing about hosting it at a restaurant is you don’t have to worry about buying any food beforehand, making food,  or cleaning up. People can order what they want. Again, trying to make it stress free! 

For the wine exchange itself we just had everyone pick a bottle of wine as they left. You can easily play a Left-Right game. Essentially the Left-Right game is a story that will give your party guests a cue of where to pass the gift. You can even assign each wine a different number and have everyone pick a number out of a hat and that’s the wine they take home. There’s always Secret Santa. I could go on and on, there’s tons of fun ways to play! 

We enjoyed spending the evening with our friends, and a night off from the holiday stress. Just remember as long as you have wine, the holidays will be fine! Merry Christmas! 

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