Nabrina’s Seattle & Bainbridge Island Highlights

When planning a trip, there’s tons of things to consider: where to eat, what to see and how much to spend. Nate and I try to be financially savvy when we travel (so we can travel often), so we try to make a game plan, especially visiting somewhere new!

First things first, Nate and I have a goal to see every Major League Baseball Stadium, so we always see if the home team is in town. Just like everyone else, we do internet research and we always ask our friends via social media to see if anyone has suggestions! Along with that, we love asking locals things to see and do in the area.

After talking to friends and through internet research, we originally were planning on getting the Seattle CityPass. However, Nate’s family who live in Washington advised that we should not get the CityPass and just go to the attractions we wanted to see to save some money. Plus we didn’t want to get exhausted running around the city. Truthfully, it was the best decision we could have made! We actually didn’t do many touristy things, and we had an amazing time exploring the city. You can check out the place Nate and I ate during our trip in my last post, Seattle Eats. Nate and I both agreed, as much as we liked Seattle, we loved Bainbridge! Here’s a list of things we did and think you’ll enjoy doing in both Seattle and Bainbridge!



Pike’s Place Market

  • The Gum Wall
    → It’s interesting how we were told not to stick gum on public spaces growing up and there’s a place in Seattle where it is encouraged. It’s a site to see!
  • The Original Starbucks
    → If you didn’t see the original Starbucks, did you really go to Seattle? It is pretty
    fascinating to see where the world’s favorite coffee shop started! Fun fact: before Starbucks grew to what we know it is today, they would roast peanuts in the afternoon.
  • Unexpected Productions – Improv
    → If you are at the Gum Wall you will stumble upon this gem. Nate and I love improv so it was fun finding it in right in the middle of one of the biggest areas in Seattle.
  • Truffle Queen Wine Tasting
    → We both agree, this was one of the highlights from our trip! We loved the staff at Truffle Queen. We accidentally discovered this place and we are so glad we did! They have a Happy Hour and they even made me an allergy friendly snack. We highly recommend you stop in and check it out!


  • Starbucks Reserve
    → Starbucks Reserve is a regular Starbucks times a million! They have fresh baked treats, full size meals, a full bar and a Starbucks all under one roof. Nate and I enjoyed watching the beans roast and seeing the assembly line where they were packaging Starbucks coffee.
  • Starbucks Headquarters
    → The place where the coffee magic happens! It’s truly one of the prettiest corporate offices I have ever seen and the public is welcome to check it out. They unfortunately don’t offer tours, but they do have a Starbucks reserve with an amazing menu of fresh baked bread and treats! Oh, did I mention they serve cocktails that are made with their coffee?

Underground Shopping
→ There is an official tour you can go on and see the underground city, but Nate and I
decided to do our own exploring. It’s really neat that there are so many stores and restaurants all underneath the city of Seattle.

T-Mobile Park
→ Home of the Seattle Mariners! We were so excited to check off another stadium and
we got to see a game with Nate’s uncle. I love how you can see the city skyline. Oh and we got to meet the very lovable, Mariner Moose!

The Ferry
→ If you didn’t know Seattle is surrounded by water and Seattle and Bainbridge are separate islands. To get to point A to point B you have to take a ferry (or take a very long car ride, but no one has time for that). We loved our ferry rides! One time we even saw wild orcas one day during our ferry ride. You have to go on the ferry and check out the brand new terminal. Trust me, the ferry is awesome!




Downtown Bainbridge Island

  • Fletcher Bay Winery – Tasting Room
    → If you know Nate and I, you know we love wine. There’s tons of wine tasting
    rooms in Bainbridge, but we loved how close this wine tasting room was to the ferry terminal. Great place to people watch! We met the cutest pup during our visit and enjoyed the Barking Dog Red.
  • Bainbridge Island Museum of Art
    → Nate’s family showed us this pretty museum. It was free (donations encouraged). They rotate artists and the majority of the artists here are local.

Hall’s Hill Labyrinth
→ Bainbridge has a few labyrinths, but this one is extra special. It has a cool story on how it came to be. This place is just absolutely peaceful!

Bay Hay & Feed
→ We were told that if you visit Bainbridge and don’t go to Bay Hay & Feed, you really
didn’t visit Bainbridge. We enjoyed walking around the store and the garden area. It’s a
great spot for photos!

Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial
→ A beautiful memorial for a somber piece of history. It’s a very peaceful spot to stop
and reflect or walk around.

Drive around the island
→ What better way to see the island than to drive around? We saw a lot of Bainbridge this way! One place we saw on our drive were all the fun statue frogs that are all over the island. We also saw a place we’d love to spend more time at next time, Lynwood! We’re already planning our next Bainbridge adventure!

We are thankful for the new memories made and the time spent with family. Washington is a beautiful state, and if you have not been to the Pacific Northwest, you need to plan a trip. There is so much beauty in this state – from orcas swimming in the wild, to some of the most dedicated sports fans and unique attractions, the state of Washington has a lot to offer. Have you been to Seattle? What’s your favorite thing to do in Seattle or Bainbridge? Let me know in the comments below. The world is a big, beautiful place! Make sure you add visiting Washington to your bucket list.


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  1. Nicole says:

    Sounds like a fun trip!


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