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Growing up in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, it seemed strange to me that there was a place the complete opposite that rained all the time: Seattle, Washington. After a long hot summer in Phoenix, Arizona I was excited to experience some rainy weather and kick off the fall season in Seattle. To my surprise we actually experienced only a few rainy days and the majority of our trip was filled with sunshine! The Pacific Northwest is absolutely beautiful!

Although I knew I was going to enjoy the weather, anytime I visit a new place I get a little worried about where to eat since I am gluten, dairy and soy free to slay Hashimoto’s Disease. Together with my friends at AllergyEats, we put together a list of some allergy friendly restaurants in Seattle, Washington!

If you follow me on Instagram, @brina.summers, I showed off some of the restaurants I enjoyed in Seattle, Washington. If you don’t follow me on Instagram or you forgot to make a note of the places I ate, you can use my blog as a guide to places to eat that are friendly to those of us with food allergies and restrictions!

Duke’s Seafood

If you went to Seattle and didn’t eat seafood, did you really go to Seattle? Unless you have an allergy to it or generally don’t like seafood, you get a pass; however, if you love seafood like me you have to check out Duke’s Seafood! Duke’s has multiple locations, but we visited the South Lakes location because it was right on the water.

Duke’s Seafood has a huge gluten-free menu and were knowledgeable regarding their ingredients so they were able to help me navigate the menu and find some good entree options that are gluten, dairy and soy free. I did reach out to Duke’s prior to my visit and this is what they stated regarding my gluten, dairy and soy free restrictions:

Unfortunately our restaurant is not completely gluten free. We offer a gluten free menu along with our regular menu, so our kitchen does have the possibility of some flour particles. We try to accommodate all types of allergies! We do not have any soy on premise, and do have the option for dairy free.

Most tables get fresh sourdough after placing their order, but since I sadly cannot eat sourdough, the server brought me chips and homemade salsa – yum! Being from Arizona, I love chips and salsa so it was fun having a little taste of home while I waited for my main entree. The restaurant informed me the chips are not made in house, so there’s no need to worry about cross contamination! For my main entree, I enjoyed the Wild Alaskan Salmon, they put the tequila lime aioli on the side. A good salmon doesn’t need to be dressed, I actually ended up enjoying the salmon without the aioli. Not that the tequila lime aioli was bad, I just enjoyed the salmon as it was prepared!

Duke’s Seafood is a great spot to enjoy the water and skyline views of Seattle! A wide variety of main entrees can be accommodated to fit food restrictions. They have a great Happy Hour so when in doubt, enjoy a cider or a glass of wine and enjoy the views.

Capitol Cider

This place is truly a gem in the Emerald City! The day we visited Capital Cider it was raining cats and dogs, so I was ready to get warmed up! This gluten-free and peanut-free scratch kitchen is so inviting when you walk in. It reminded me of a pub you would find in England; you can’t help but want to get cozy with one of their ciders (they have over 200 options) or craft drinks. I always love discovering places that are completely free of one of my food restrictions, it’s one less thing I have to worry about and I can do process of elimination on the food menu with my other two restrictions.

 After warming up with my Rosé Cider, I discovered on the menu there was Fish & Chips! First things first, it’s hard to find a good Fish & Chip in Arizona, especially gluten free! After discussing it with the waitress and getting the thumbs up that everything was safe (no soy oil, and the only thing I had to leave off was the tartar sauce since that did have dairy in it), my inner British person was beaming with the fact I was about to enjoy Fish & Chips for the first time since I went gluten, dairy and soy free! They were so good – I could go as far to say one of the best Fish & Chips I have ever eaten. Who needs gluten fish and chips when Capital Cider is making a better version and it’s allergy friendly!

 I could have stayed and enjoyed the rain from Capital Cider all day! It was such a fun space – good atmosphere, great food! I give it two thumbs up. 

Razzi’s Pizzeria

“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…That’s amore…”

Don’t tell Nate, but I fell in love with Razzi’s Pizzeria. I have never been to a restaurant that has so many options for allergies, those without allergies and vegans! You wanted it, Razzi’s could create it! There were so many options I couldn’t pick – luckily all the staff members knew exactly what had soy so it eliminated only a few things, but still leaving a plethora of menu choices to satisfy my Italian side. Razzi’s informed me that they have

A certified gluten free, dairy free, nut free kitchen where we make all of our gluten free baked goods. We cook everything in separate pots and pans, using separate color coded utensils in separate parts of the kitchen. 

They want to ensure their allergy guests have a great experience! Nate, who does not have any food restrictions or food allergies said this was his favorite place we ate. We opted for the lunch special and an appetizer. For our appetizer we enjoyed, gluten, dairy and soy free mozzarella sticks! It was such a treat to enjoy a dish that typically does not have an allergy option! The “cheese” they used was Daiya, which you have heard me talk about a few times on the blog. I also got to enjoy a gluten, dairy and soy free Caesar salad. I believe the parmesan used on the salad was Follow Your Heart. At one point in my life my favorite food was Caesar salad, so it was a trip down memory lane enjoying this salad.

 For my main entree I enjoyed a Strange Diet-friendly pizza with mushrooms and Italian sausage. This crust tasted homemade and was so good for being gluten-free! If you have ever eaten gluten-free pizza crust, you know it can be a hit or miss. This crust was a total hit!

A place for allergy friendly and non allergy folks alike! With knowledgeable staff, it truly was nice not having to worry about my food being messed up. Did I mention the food was amazing? It taste homemade and fresh! I wish there was a location in Arizona. If you are in Seattle, you have to check out Razzi’s Pizzeria!

 Frankie & Jo’s

 My old roommate, Sarah, who is from Washington and is also a vegan was so helpful in giving me a variety of restaurants that are accommodating to those who are vegan (or me who still eats meat, just avoids dairy). One of the places she recommended was Frankie & Jo’s: a vegan, plant-based ice cream shop that is also gluten-free, making this a high priority for me to visit. My oh my was I in for a treat when we walked in and the workers mentioned there is no soy in their products; I felt like I hit the jackpot. The workers were so kind in letting us sample almost every flavor and let me tell you, there were no bad flavors! Frankie & Jo’s labels everything on the menu (with the exception of the seasonal flavors) so you can avoid other allergies such as nuts. They do their best to ensure no cross-contamination occurs; however, they process everything on the same equipment so they can’t guarantee there are no small traces of nuts. I finally settled on my all-time favorite flavor, mint chocolate with a cone! Nate and I could not get over how creamy the ice cream tasted! Plus the cone was so tasty, I wish I could relocate the shop to Phoenix, Arizona because the line would be out the door. You have to check out Frankie & Jo’s during your visit to Seattle!

Ice Cream - Vegan

Ghost Fish Brewery 

 I was just starting to get into beer when I found out I had to eliminate gluten from my diet. During the Nourished Festival I met the owner of Ghost Fish and he mentioned that not only does Ghost Fish Brewery manufacture gluten-free beer, but their entire menu is gluten-free and there would be no issues making something dairy and soy free for me as well! Knowing we were going to a Seattle Mariners game and with Ghost Fish Brewery being a straight shot from T-Mobile Park, we thought there was no better way to kick off the game than by going to a brewery.

Since it’s been a long while since I enjoyed beer, I figured I should go for a flight so I could sample a few different types of gluten-free beers! Ghost Fish has a wonderful variety of beers making it a challenge to decide which one you want a whole pint of.

 We enjoyed Ghost Fish Brewery during Happy Hour and saw they had beer battered Fish & Chips that were gluten, dairy and soy free! The staff told us they handle different food allergies all the time so they always double check with the chef and are happy to accommodate if needed to fit the food within the food and allergy restrictions. I liked how the fish and chips were beer battered from their own beer and the Fish & Chips were not fried in soy oil. I also liked how the menu also made note of items that were dairy free. It makes navigating the menu so much easier. Nate enjoyed the tacos during our visit, so we both found something to enjoy!

You can find my reviews of these Seattle restaurants on AllergyEats! Want to follow me on AllergyEats? You can by searching one of the restaurants I talked about on this blog. Once you find my username (SummersSideUp) and review, click my username and press the follow button. You can also discover my other reviews and favorite places to eat across the country such as my favorite restaurants in New York City! Do you have a favorite restaurant that is accommodating to your food allergies or have you had a bad experience? Review it on AllergyEats. Every review helps!

It might come as a surprise, but I promise I eat pretty clean! It was just so fun to actually have the option to enjoy fried fish and to enjoy an ice cream cone. All these restaurants were enjoyed by me who has food restrictions and my boyfriend who is lucky enough to eat anything he wants. A few other restaurants we unfortunately didn’t make it to, but heard from locals are worth visiting if you have allergies are Lucky Santo, Revolve True Food & Wine Bar as well as HeartBeet Organic Superfoods Cafe.

 Looking for comfort foods with an allergy friendly spin? You will find no shortage of restaurants in Seattle, Washington. You will be singing in the Seattle rain after enjoying the food at any of these restaurants I discovered during my stay in the Pacific Northwest!

 Please note that menus, restaurant management, food handling practices could have changed since my visit in September 2019. If you’re interested in any of these restaurants give them a call ahead of time to ensure you’re in good hands. Also, take a look at the most recent reviews on AllergyEats to see what others are saying regarding the restaurants. 


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