Nourished Festival Recap: Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington now holds a special place in my heart. If you are new here, let me recap you on what I was doing in Seattle to begin with! I was selected to be an official blogger for The Nourished Festival (formerly the Gluten-Free Expo) in Seattle, Washington. If you have never been to the festival and have food restrictions or a loved one with food restrictions, you should attend if it’s coming to a city near you. Think of it as a huge Costco sample-palooza and everything there is safe to eat. 

Hard to believe a week has already gone by since I was at the festival! It was wonderful meeting the other bloggers who understand the struggles of Hashimoto’s Disease and relate to my food restrictions. I am truly grateful for my new Seattle friendships. 

There are so many wonderful new products that are making their way to a grocery store near you. All these products are gluten-free! There’s also some brands you have heard me talk about from time to time that have some new products coming out. Are you ready to dive in and see the new products I discovered? Let’s get to it!

Gluten-Free Bread: 

Sourdough has to be one of my favorite types of bread. Although some sourdoughs are gluten-free, not all are created equal due to mass production. BREAD SRSLY is from the Bay Area and is certified gluten-free. Boy, is this bread delicious! My favorite is the Classic Sourdough, but the company has a variety of flavors to pick from, including: Seeded Sourdough, Sweet Onion, and Sourdough Sandwich Rolls. I could honestly eat the whole loaf by myself.


Promise Gluten Free
Promise Gluten-Free is truly tasty! My new friends from Ireland are changing the way gluten-free bread looks and tastes. Promise Gluten-Free bread also contains more fibers and is lower in sugars and fats compared to the other gluten-free bread brands. There are so many different varieties of flavors from Rosemary & Olive Oil Sourdough (that some grocery stores are baking in store so you can enjoy hot gluten-free bread) and many more! I promise you are going to love this gluten-free bread!

Happy Campers Gluten Free
This bread might just be my new favorite for making sandwiches! Happy Campers Gluten-Free has a nice variety of gluten-free bread from Cravin’ Raisin Cinnamon Spice, Wild Buns to my personal favorite, Hemp Hemp Hooray. I love when people have catchy names and tasty products. Hemp Hemp Hooray is jam packed with protein and Omega-3s. Next time you go hiking or camping, be sure to bring Happy Campers Gluten-Free along!

hemp hemp hooray!
Allergy Friendly Sweets: 

I love this brand! They have different gluten-free products, but our favorite are the brownies. We heat them up in the microwave and pair them with dairy-free ice cream. When I saw the booth I had to stop and take a photo with my favorite brownie brand. The company already has classic chocolate and coconut flavored brownies available at Sprouts, but they just introduced Mint Chocolate. That’s my all time favorite combo! Mint Chocolate is only available online, but keep an eye out for the Mint Chocolate flavor in 2020 in a store near you. 

First things first, FREEYUMM’s logo is the cutest thing ever. Second, I love their products! The team was so awesome and knowledgeable – I love how all their products are Top 8 Free as well as sesame and sulphates free! My personal favorite product is Double Chocolate Soft Baked Cookies! Nate’s favorite was the Banana Maple Soft Baked Cookies. Oh my goodness, let’s be real, all their products were good! Check out this brand, I have a feeling they are going to be your new favorite. 

Jack’s Paleo Kitchen
Jack’s Paleo Kitchen is by far one of the best cookies I have ever tasted. Regardless if you have allergies or not, you’re going to want to befriend these cookies. Jack’s Paleo Kitchen is run by the kindest family. They also have a few cookies that are AIP (autoimmune disease protocol) friendly. The only brand on the market that is AIP friendly! You are going to want to run to bulk order the Ginger Molasses Cookies for the holidays. While you’re at it, you might as well order each flavor because they are just so darn good!

Namaste – Foods for Everyone
Have you been to Disneyland or Walt Disney World to enjoy an allergy friendly Mickey waffle? It’s a good chance it was by Namaste – Foods for Everyone! I love their products. This brand has everything. The product I am most excited about is their new Cake Cup. I don’t know about you, but I love cake, especially when it’s in a mug. Now you can enjoy it allergy friendly style!

EnjoyLife, how I love thee; let me count the ways. You might recall me talking about this brand in my blog post, Let Them Eat Cake! This brand is awesome – they have a little bit of everything! What I am super excited about is their new Breakfast Ovals and the Halloween Chocolate Minis!


Pasta and beyond: 

Manin’s has so many gluten-free goodies, you won’t miss the stuff made from gluten. From pizza dough to pastas, you’ll be happy to add Manini’s to your pantry. Now, not all of Manini’s products are dairy and soy free, so just be sure to read the labels. We loved the team at Manini’s – they were all so kind and Nate loved the brownies. Check them out next time you’re at Whole Foods! 

All things nuts:

Hope & Sesame 
Abracadabra: a new nut milk is making it way to a shelf near you. Move out of the way almond, hemp and oat milk, sesame milk is here to stay. Hope & Sesame has so many flavors from original to hazelnut chocolate, to name a few. Trust me and give it a try, you’re going to think the taste is pure magic. 

hope & sesame

88 Acres
Watermelon seed butter anyone? Let me tell you – it’s good! 88 Acres has a wide variety of seed butters and they have some great tasting seed bars and seed granola. My personal favorite seed butter was the Pumpkin Seed Butter and the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Seed Bar. 

I went in knowing I was going to be getting quite a few samples, but I brought an empty suitcase with me just in case – it ended up weighing around 40 pounds filled with full sized and sample products. My suitcase was stuffed. As the cool kids say, I was #BLESSED. 

The allergy community is growing! It’s such an exciting time to be a part of this movement. From when I started my journey over two years ago to today it’s amazing – anything you could ever want from brownies to pastas is available. If you want it, the product is either on the market or is making its way there soon. Thank you to Nourished Festival for introducing me to new friends and products, and for making this event possible. Until the next Nourished Festival, I will be eating all my samples from this past event.

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