Brina’s Travel Essentials

Traveling is always an adventure, especially when you have food restrictions. Although my travels range from city lights to cruise ports around the Caribbean, there’s a few items that I always bring along with me to ensure a stress-free vacation. Besides the must have things like clothes, shoes and Nate, here are my must have items for any vacation: 


As much as I love exploring new coffee shops in cities I am visiting, sometimes depending on where I am staying and what activities we have planned, I brew my own coffee at the airbnb we stay at or request coffee abroad. I don’t mind black coffee, but why not bring the best dairy-free creamer along for the ride! I love that nutpods does not have to be refrigerated until after it’s been opened. Just be sure to bring an unopened one on your trip and refrigerate it after opening. This plant based creamer has been traveling with me on every trip since 2017. You can use code brina.summers for a discount on nutpods! 


With my natural healing journey there are different herbal supplements I take and those all changes depending on the season I am in or how I am feeling. One that I take every day is turmeric, which helps with the inflammation I get in my joints courtesy of Hashimoto’s Disease. I always make sure I have the supplements on hand. I might be on vacation, but my health does not take a day off. Committing to my regimen ensures I have a fun trip! 


Most people enjoy snacks, but trust me, when you have food restrictions you’re going to want to bring snacks just in case anything happens! I’m happy for my peanut-free friends not having to worry about people eating peanuts during a flight since the airlines no longer hand them out; however, for me it stinks because the new snacks that are given during flight aren’t Strange Diet friendly. That’s okay, I’m understanding, so I usually give Nate my free snack in flight and enjoy my own snacks that are gluten, dairy and soy free. There’s also times where Nate and I are exploring a city and go to a safe allergy friendly restaurant and there is a long wait before a dining reservation or we find out a place can’t accommodate me, let’s just say we are thankful snacks have saved the day on multiple occasions. 

Vacations are a great way to unwind and recharge. Being prepared for anything and ensuring that your health journey stays on track is a great way to guarantee a fun vacation! Don’t forget your nutpods, herbal supplements and your favorite snacks, now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the journey. 

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