Day by Day

When I was younger, days felt like weeks and weeks felt like years. When I got older days started feeling like seconds and time felt like it was slipping away faster and faster. It’s nice when vacations or weekend getaways allow you to stop for a moment and reset; however, life doesn’t always provide those opportunities. Life gets busy, vacations cost money, whatever the reason might be – sometimes we just enter busy seasons in our lives that don’t allow for such luxury. 

Something I’ve been working on for a bit is learning how to live in the moment. Life moves pretty quick and sometimes it’s easy to think and wish of times to come. Maybe for you it’s not that you are wishing for future plans, but you are just looking at your calendar and realizing that you have an extremely busy week ahead, and your anxiety takes off like a rocket. Recently, life dealt me an unexpected card that made me realize that even when we wish for a better tomorrow, tomorrow isn’t always guaranteed, so you do really have to practice taking things day by day. 

So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. -Matthew 6:34

You have to enjoy today! I know it’s crazy to think about when the alarm goes off and you have to start getting ready for work, but you were gifted with another day. You might wake up tomorrow and think about all those meetings you have to attend or all the commitments you have to keep, but if you take the time to just focus on the moment you have and take a deep breath, it’ll help. You can’t focus on the meeting that is going to happen on Wednesday, because right now you need to focus on the day that you are living in. I know it’s easier said than done, but I have discovered when I take my mind off of the tasks ahead and focus on the project in front of me, I become more productive and I see my stress melt a little bit. 

Along with taking the tasks of work or school day by day, take the time to enjoy the people who are living in the moment with you. Yes, there’s a good chance when you say goodnight to your significant other, they will more than likely be there in the morning when you wake up, but you just never know what could happen tomorrow. 

Enjoy today to the fullest! Embrace the people in your life right now. You never know what tomorrow might bring. Live like there’s no tomorrow (within reason)! Practice taking things day by day and you’ll start to see the sunny side of each day.

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