Sunny Side of Summertime: Sunless Tanning

Summer is in full swing – baseball is on TV every night, the cool place to hang out is by the pool,  and it seems like everyone is either tan or sunburned. I have a hard time tanning in the sun; I always burn! Living in Arizona, you have to be extra cautious of sun exposure; according to an article published by the East Valley Tribune, “Arizona has the second highest skin cancer rate in the world.” Sunshine is wonderful, I love it and all the wonderful benefits that comes from basking in the sun. However, it’s always important to wear sunscreen when enjoying the sunshine.

I had planned on publishing an article about sunless tanning, but after my blog,
Sunny Side of Summertime: Sunscreen, I received a substantial amount of requests for a blog about how to get that perfect summer glow without baking in the sun. If you have a hard time tanning in the natural sun like me but want to look tan, I’m here to help. There are so many ways to achieve that perfect sun kissed glow from head to toe! Thankfully, for those of us who burn easily, there are options for us to look like a bronzed babe thanks to sunless tanning!

I love sunless tanning for a couple of reasons:

  • I burn easily – I’ve tried tanning in the natural sun and I even tried tanning in a bed once. Either way I burn and look like a lovely lobster. 
  • I love my natural skin tone, but I also like the way I look with a tan too. I like how it highlights my legs (#selflove).
  • Going on vacation like a cruise or even a fun weekend getaway to California, it’s fun to look like I got some sun without risking the health of my skin.
  • Anti-Aging in the sense that I am not baking away and risking the chance of aging my skin due to the sun. 
  • Not increasing my chance of skin cancer! 

There are a few ways to get the natural sun kissed glow! You can get a spray tan, use a self tanner and of course, there is good old bronzer. With so many options, which one should you use? I actually use all three! 

Spray Tan
Some sunless tanning booths are better than others. A spray tan is way better than laying in a tanning bed. It’s kind of scary at first getting your first spray tan. I got my first spray tan before my 21st birthday because I wanted to feel confident stepping into the bar after becoming legal. I remember researching beforehand the do’s and don’ts for your first spray tan session. I even had my sister and one of my best friends come to the tanning salon with me because I was nervous I was going to walk out of the salon looking like Ross from the FRIENDS episode The One with Ross’s Tan.

I am happy to report that I didn’t end up looking like Ross from FRIENDS after my first time in the spray tan booth. Nate and I are blessed to travel often and I always want to feel like my best self, especially in the summertime. I even have a spray tan membership with a local tanning salon. Check out spray tan companies in your area. You can also research companies in your area that provided custom organic spray tans. There’s a lot of awesome local business owners that provide at home custom spray tans. A great thing about going to an actual person to get a spray tan is they ensure you get every nook and cranny tan. Some of these businesses are run right out of their homes and some of them even go straight to your house. I promise you they’ll ensure that you won’t end up looking like Ross from the FRIENDS episode. 

Self Tanning Lotion
You might not be ready to get into the sunless tanning booth, but an easy way to achieve a nice glow is using a self tanning lotion. Now, I use self tanning lotion to extend my spray tan, especially on vacation. I mix self tanning lotion and my regular lotion to ensure that I don’t look streaky. Maybe it’s just a weird Sabrina quirk, but it works for me. The nice thing about self tanning lotion is that it gradually gets darker over time. You won’t be instantly tan, but it will develop and get darker. 

All of the brands I recommended in the Sunny Side of Summertime: Sunscreen all have self tanning products. Jergens is another popular self tanning brand that has a variety of shades and self tanning options. 

My personal favorite self tanner as of late is Clean Tan. I actually discovered this brand recently because I was looking for a self tanner that had clean ingredients and that is gluten, dairy and soy free! You actually add a few drops to your everyday lotion and tada: your skin looks sun kissed. 

You don’t even have to get a spray tan or use self tanner to add bronzer into your daily makeup routine. I personally use bronzer everyday as a part of my makeup routine, sunless tan or not, I just like rocking a healthy glow. In the summertime, sometimes you just don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. If I am having a day where I want to wear a little makeup, I just add a little bronzer to my cheekbones, forehead and boom, I’m ready to go. I also add a little highlighter because I love sparkles, but that’s another topic for a different day. 

There are so many awesome brands out there that make a fantastic bronzer. If you are looking for a great, drugstore bronzer, I have been extremely impressed with Maybelline City Bronzer. This bronzer works great for everyday use or if you contour it works for that too!

If you want to be bronzed from head to toe or you want to just have a little sunshine glow, these different self tanning options are a way to go! I hope my recommendations and tips and tricks will help you achieve that effortless, perfect sunshine glow. 

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