Confidence is Key

A few posts back I wrote up a list of lessons I have learned in my early 20s. There was one lesson that didn’t make the cut for that post, not because it was not good enough to make the list, but because I feel this lesson deserves its own post.

I have so much confidence that this lesson deserves its own post that I am confidently writing a blog solely on confidence.

I have learned one of the keys to life is confidence! When you feel confident, people will turn heads. Doesn’t matter where you are in life or what you look like, if you roll those shoulders back, smile and walk into a room owning it, you will take over the world.

You’re reading my post and thinking to yourself, “Yeah okay, I don’t know where to get confidence.” You don’t get it, you already own it. It’s like that shirt you bought a few months back that is sitting in your closet. You keep debating if you should wear it or not. That’s what confidence is, you just need to put it on and rock it!

Truth be told, I was kind of confident when I met Nate, but my confidence started overflowing the more I spent time with him. If you spend any time with Nate, you know he’s the ultimate hype-man, but mainly because he is truly the king of confidence. On multiple occasions people have told me that if they had an ounce of Nate’s confidence, they could take over the world. Since his birthday is right around the corner, I felt this was the right time to share this blog.

I asked Nate for some tips for those of us who want a little confidence boost. Are ya ready to learn from the master?

Confidence must be built up. You won’t become confident in a single afternoon. It takes a lot of motivation and self talk (“I’m going to walk in like I own this place!”), encouragement from others (“You look great, you’ve got this!), and most of all determination that you WILL become confident. My number one tip? Act confident. Pretend you don’t have any insecurities at all, even if you do. People will gravitate toward that confidence. But be careful not to cross the line into overconfidence; nobody likes that. 

Not sure where to start in the confidence department? I gain instant confidence when I put on a cute outfit that makes me feel like a million bucks, turn up my favorite song (usually Queen because Freddie Mercury truly was confident!) and remind myself that I am amazing. You’ll start feeling like your best self in no time! 

Confidence is so important in helping you feel like your best self, even when your thyroid is out of whack and making you feel sluggish. What do you do to help boost your confidence? Let Nate and I know. Until then, remind yourself that you are amazing and go out there and show the world your confidence!

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