Nabrina’s NYC Highlights

I’ve always dreamed of visiting New York City. The movies and TV shows make it look so magical, and although they can sometimes make things more magical than reality, I actually felt that New York City met my expectations and more. If you have never been, you have to go! Nate has been to New York City before, but this was my first time in the Big Apple. We of course did all the tourist things you have to while in New York City, but Nate and I also love to find local gems that aren’t tourist traps. Here are some of all the fun activites my boyfriend we did during our recent trip to the Big Apple.

Tourist Things:
There’s just some landmarks you have to see while in NYC.

  • Sbarro – “Right here is my favorite New York Pizza joint.” -Michael Scott
    If you love The Office and are visiting New York City, you have to stop by and take a photo by the infamous Sbarro Pizza.
  • Time Square
    You have to see this place at night and during the day. It’s so beautiful and busy, if you go to NYC and don’t see this place, I don’t think you can say you went to NYC.
  • Brooklyn Bridge
    The Brooklyn Bridge was so neat to see. We got our first glimpse of this beauty from Brooklyn Bridge Park. Afterwards we went up the bridge and walked the entire thing. brookyln bridge
  • Macy’s
    I always look forward to Thanksgiving so I can watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Little did I know just how massive Macy’s is in New York City.
  • Central Park
    We started our venture into Central Park and explored the North Woods. If you don’t know, Central Park is massive. The North Woods are not as touristy which we enjoyed. After strolling through there, we went over to check out Strawberry Fields. If you get the chance I highly recommend having a picnic in Central Park.
  • NBC Studios/Rockefeller Center
    Jimmy Fallon, SNL, 30 Rock, basically all your favorite tv show are probably filmed here. Also you know that big ice rink you see on TV? That’s at Rockefeller center.
    nbc studios
  • Grand Central Station
    What a beauty! Another place you see all the time in movies and TV shows. Grand Central Station is just stunning.
    grand central.jpg
  • The Highline/Vessel
    The Highline used to not be so touristy; however, recently it’s become more popular – thank you social media. I enjoyed seeing how they made this beautiful park area and integrated some of the old railroad tracks.
  • 9/11 Memorial
    If you go to NYC, you just need to visit this place. The memorial is beautiful. If we had more time we would have gone to the One World Trade Center. I guess we’ll just have to add that to our list for next time!
  • Staten Island Ferry
    Great views of the NYC Skyline and Statue of Liberty! If the views weren’t to die for, the price is, because it is free! This Ferry is open at night so if you are looking for a romantic place to visit add this to your list.
  • Flushing Meadows Corona Park
    1964’s World’s Fair Grounds! As a Disney nerd it was so neat to see the area where Walt Disney showed it’s A Small World and a few other pieces of state of the art technology.

Nate and I love baseball! It’s one of our goals to see every MLB stadium. Thankfully after this trip we were able to check off a few more stadiums from our list.

  • Yankee Stadium
    “You just landed in New York City, what are you going to do, Sabrina?” I’m going to a Yankees Game! As a big Arizona Diamondbacks fan it was neat to see the home of the second place winners of the 2001 World Series. I know the Yankees were still in their old stadium at the time of the 2001 World Series, but it was neat to see the “new” home of the Yankees. This stadium was massive! Did you know it has a wine bar? It truly was a fancy stadium.
  • Citi Field – Home of the New York Mets
    I’m grateful I’ve seen a lot of stadiums in my day – this stadium now resides in my Top 5 favorite stadiums. The entire stadium was gorgeous! I was truly impressed with the Mets staff helping me find food places that were safe for me to eat at and on top of that they rolled out the red carpet for Nate and I and upgraded our seats! Get here early so you can check out all the fun at Citi Field! If I moved to New York, this would be my baseball team.


  • Live with Kelly & Ryan
    When I lived in Southern California we went to TV tapings often, but I’ve watched Live with Kelly and Ryan since before Ryan took over, I’m talking back in the Regis Philbin days. It was such a treat seeing my favorite morning talk show host right in front of me. The whole process from check in to taping and exiting was seamless. Also Kelly and Ryan are the coolest – they took photos with fans and they talked to us in between filming segments. If you go to NYC and want to go to a TV taping, this is the one to go to.
  • King Kong
    I am still blown away how the production team brought King Kong to life! Fun show, great cast. We really enjoyed this Broadway show.
  • The Office: A Musical Parody
    If you’re a fan of The Office, you’ll love this show. It’s off Broadway, but all the references were fantastic. Also the cast truly brought the TV characters to life.
    the office
  • Mean Girls: The Musical
    This show is in my top 5 favorite Broadway Shows of all time. I can honestly say I enjoyed the show more than the movie. Great cast, fun songs – gosh darn it Tina Fey you are the GOAT.

Not so touristy things:

  • Trader Joe’s Wine Shop
    If you shop at Trader Joe’s you know one of the best things about shopping here is their great selection of wine! How can Trader Joe’s get any better? Having a whole Trader Joe’s dedicated to wine. Cheers to you Trader Joe’s and to New York City making every Trader Joe’s shopper’s dream come true.

trader joe's wine shop.jpg

  • Boris and Horton
    Dogs, coffee and wine all under one roof? This is what heaven looks like – at least in my mind. Who wouldn’t want to visit a Dog Cafe? I absolutely loved Boris and Horton! The owners were great, management was fantastic (Boris and Horton are great leaders) – the overall experience was amazing. If I lived in New York City this would be my local coffee shop.
  • Kendra Scott (2 Story/Flagship store)
    Maybe this activity only appeals to a certain demographic, but I fall into the demographic! Nate knows my love for Kendra Scott Jewelry so when he found there was a location near a place we were eating dinner he wanted to stop by and make his lady happy! Plus they offer champagne so can you really go wrong? This location is not only beautiful but it’s two stories! I could spend all day there to be honest. If you are looking for a neat way to remember your trip, treat yourself to Kendra Scott.
Kendra Scott - SOHO
I was so excited to shop that I forgot to take a photo of myself! Photo Credit: Kendra Scott
  • 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar
    The infamous frose that I posted on my Instagram Story that everyone kept asking me about. This place is so fun! It’s the largest rooftop bar in New York City and has a great view of the wonderful Empire State Building. We arrived a little before Happy Hour started and we’re grateful because we were able to find a table in the shade. This place does get busy, but the frose is worth it.

230 fifth rooftop bar .jpg

We loved walking around, taking the subway and just experiencing New York City. If I have learned anything during my trip, it’s to look up. Look up from your screen and admire all the beauty around and above. Traveling is so wonderful – do you enjoy traveling too? Have you been to New York City? What was one of the highlights of your trip? After exploring New York City all day, you might get hungry, so check out my favorite New York City food spots.

New York City, you are wonderful, unique and your own thing. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms. The locals are some of the kindest people I have met while traveling and I am grateful all the locals thought I was one of you. Until next time New York City, stay beautiful.

All photos are my personal photos unless otherwise noted. 

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