Take a bite out of the Big Apple

New York City is a world of its own. I lived in Southern California for a while so I assumed that New York was going to be similar. Nope, was I wrong. New York City is magical in its own way and is completely different from any other place I’ve been. I cannot wait to visit again!

As you know, I’m gluten, dairy and soy free to fight Hashimoto’s Disease. When it comes to traveling with food restrictions or food allergies, it can be tough. No one wants to be sick on their vacation from a food related accident. I’m thankful for my friends at AllergyEats helping me find some great places that were safe for me to eat!

If you follow me on Instagram, I showed off some of the fun New York City restaurants I found! For those of you who don’t have Instagram or those of you who want to use this blog post as a tool in planning your trip to the Big Apple, you’re in luck because I am reviewing the restaurants right here, right now! The best part is that all these restaurants Nate and I visited in New York City is they have both an allergy friendly and non-allergy friendly menus. We all want to eat like kings, but we also want to save some dough so Happy Hour is always a great idea. Here are my favorite restaurants with their Happy Hour menus in New York City! 

Blue Smoke
Upscale BBQ, don’t mind if I do. Nate and I both agreed this was one of the best BBQ we have eaten. Blue Smoke had a great allergy friendly menu that broke down what ingredients were in their food. I don’t know why all restaurants cannot do this; it makes navigating the menu so much easier.

Nate & I split the Pit Stop, but added a few additional items. We enjoyed the 5 Pepper Rubbed Brisket, Smoked Sausage, Collard Greens and the Pork and Beans. I do apologize that my food photography skills are not the best, but man, the food was picture perfect!


We visited Blue Smoke for lunch so we did not enjoy Happy Hour; however, you can check out their Happy Hour menu!

Great quality food, fun atmosphere and easy to navigate allergy menu – I highly recommend!

Dos Caminos
Voted Best Margarita in New York City! Visiting from Arizona, Nate and I needed to investigate this claim because margaritas are kind of Arizona’s thing. We stopped in for dinner, but luckily for us, we were there during happy hour!


In the words of our waiter, “No soy in the house!” Dos Caminos was more than accommodating to my other food restrictions. I felt very comfortable eating here.

Since it was Happy Hour, I ordered the Taco Duo, which was two chicken tacos, along with a tequila flight (tequila is naturally gluten, dairy and soy free) also, I’ve never seen a tequila flight offered at Happy Hour so that was pretty rad.

Nate enjoyed one of everything on the menu. Okay, maybe not one of everything, but he did enjoy the Mexican Sliders (hello chorizo patty) and Empanada Duo.

From someone who has food restrictions and someone who doesn’t, this place gets five stars from both parties.

HU Kitchen
If I could eat here every day I would. Out of everything we saw and ate in New York City, this was my favorite. Everything made here is gluten, dairy and soy free. The only milk in the building is at the coffee counter as a cream option. I’ve already talked to the company about moving out to the West Coast.

If you are into clean eating with real food this is the place for you!

We went here a few times – once for breakfast/brunch, once for dinner and I got a bagel to go for breakfast one morning.

I enjoyed the Hu French Toast and Nate enjoyed the Organic Mediterranean Chicken Crepe. I also enjoyed their Iced Coffee with Almond Milk.

We shared the Buddha Bowl with the Grain-Free Salmon Patties (mainly because it was huge and because I don’t eat a lot as a whole). Nate enjoyed the 100% Grass Fed Burger and the Sweet Potato Wedges that came with his dinner – delicious! 

It was awesome being able to share food because all the meals we ate here were safe for me! This place also has a Happy Hour Monday-Friday! If you don’t eat anywhere else but this place you’ll be happy!

There’s a couple locations in New York City, the location we visited was so cute and we felt extremely comfortable eating here with my food restrictions. The waiter brought out the menu that broke down ingredient by ingredient so I knew what had gluten, dairy and soy. This place has two menus, one “regular” and on the other side it was vegan.

I ended up building my own burger with a gluten free bun, beef patty, vegan gouda cheese, habanero mayo and veggies of all sorts. Nate enjoyed the Paul Bunyan burger.

Gluten, dairy and soy free milkshakes anyone? I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a milkshake, even pre-Strange Diet I didn’t order milkshakes all that often. When in New York City and the opportunity to enjoy a milkshake that is safe, JUST DO IT! Nate and I both enjoyed the coconut whipped cream on top of the milkshake – side note, I never liked whipped cream, like ever. This is the best whipped cream so that’s a pretty big compliment if I do say so myself.

This place is great! Regardless of whether you have food allergies or not, you’ll enjoy this place.

I think I was destined to be dairy free, because I never really liked Mac N Cheese growing up. Nevertheless, everyone kept telling me about this place – friends, locals, etc. I read a good review about it on AllergyEats so I felt comfortable trying it out. Nate had been to New York a couple of times before, and this was one of his personal favorites so he was excited when I said we could try this place out, despite my feelings towards Mac N Cheese. 

Oh my goodness, I think I became a Mac N Cheese fan after one bite. This place has a great vegan cheese – it is made in house from coconut milk. Ton of gluten free options, checkout their allergen info. I felt good eating here. We enjoyed it so much we went back the next day for lunch.


Thank you S’MAC for changing my views of Mac N Cheese. You get a gold star from me!

You can also find all my reviews of these restaurants on AllergyEats! You can follow me on AllergyEats by searching one of the restaurants I talked about on this blog. Once you find my username (SummersSideUp) and review, click my username and press the follow button. Not only can you can follow me and see all my favorite places to eat in New York City, but you can see some of my other reviews and favorite restaurants from all across the United States.

New York City your food selection is awesome and you live up to the name of the Gluten Free Capital. I hardly scratch the surface with your awesome allergy friendly food selection. I cannot wait to visit soon to eat at some of my new favorite restaurants and to discover new gluten, dairy and soy free gems.

Please note that menus, restaurant management, food handling practices could have changed since my visit in May 2019. If you’re interested in any of these restaurants give them a call ahead of time to ensure you’re in good hands. Also, take a look at the most recent reviews on AllergyEats to see what others are saying regarding the restaurants.  

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