Let Them Eat Cake

Growing up in Arizona, we would often talk and write about the desert. Not to be confused with its more delicious cousin, desserts. The best way to remember how to spell the two is that desserts has two s’ because it’s sweeter. Now that we are on the topic of desserts, who wants some chocolate?

A question that I get asked quite often is, “Can I still eat desserts if I have allergies or food sensitivities?” Yes you can! I think at this point if I couldn’t eat sweets I would have gone crazy!

I truly believe in a balanced diet and eating right most of the time, but don’t forget to reward your body for treating it kindly by giving it a piece of pie or a cookie.

If you are saying you can eat desserts, does that mean I can eat allergy friendly for all the other meals & just go straight to “regular” desserts? No. If you have an autoimmune disease and are eating with food restrictions like myself, you have to be sure the sweets you are eating don’t have the foods that will make you feel sick. I can eat cake, I just have to make sure it is gluten, dairy & soy free.

Now you’re probably thinking it’s great news that I can eat something sweet, but I’m overwhelmed because I don’t know where to find treats that are safe for me or how to cook with food restrictions.

Starting out, it’s easier to buy premade, safe, allergy friendly desserts. A lot of companies are making box cake mixes that are allergy friendly. Along with all the cool new products coming out, most cities have a local vegan or allergy friendly bakery! I’ll be sure to share some of my favorite bakeries across the US as well as some of my favorite recipes later, but for now, check out some of my favorite brands!

Enjoy Life
Oh Enjoy Life how I love thee, let me count the ways. Free from gluten and 14 common allergies (soy, dairy, peanut, etc.) you can be sure you are in the safe zone. Your dark chocolate makes my soul so happy! My go to treat is a handful of dark chocolate chips. Cookies, baking mixes, chips, you truly have it all!

Simple Mills
Simple Mills you are beautiful! I discovered you with your tasty allergy friendly crackers and fell for you with your chocolate cake box mix. Your ingredient list is short, which makes anyone want to enjoy your food due to the fantastic ingredients. You are simply wonderful.

Truth be told I wasn’t much of a pie person until I met my boyfriend. One fall evening we stumbled upon your pumpkin pie and I became a pie person overnight! You have assured me there’s no reason to miss regular pastries, because you do such a great job making allergy friendly donuts. They taste so good there’s no reason to go back to the old stuff.

We became best friends with your tasty cream cheeze, but you keep rolling out one amazing product after another! Your dessert bars are yum, but my true love is your pumpkin cheezecake. If you are reading this please send me a box of pumpkin cheezecake, I don’t think I can wait until fall.

The majority of these brands can be found at your local Sprouts. Please be sure to read all the food labels before enjoying deserts! My suggestions are based on my food restrictions (gluten, dairy & soy). Also my experience with eliminating these foods has benefited me and I cannot guarantee you will have the same results.

Enjoy the cake! Eat the sweets. Life is too short to only eat lean greens.

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