Leaving the Good for the Great

Have you ever heard an inner voice telling you that we were made for so much more? Now I’m talking about more than riches and fame, I’m talking about overall peace and happiness.

The other day I heard this quote that really got me thinking: “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”  -John D. Rockefeller

When was the last time I really reflected on something I let go of to make room for something greater?

Before I changed my diet almost two years ago, if I had told past Sabrina that I was going to give up gluten, dairy, and soy she would have laughed. Why would she ever give up bread? Why would she ever give up cheese or teriyaki chicken? I knew there was something more that my body was needing. I needed to let go of the good to let something even better come along.

Letting go of my own desires gave me more freedom than I could have ever imagined. Giving up the things the world sometimes preaches are the best things in life was hindering me from living my best life. I didn’t realize that gluten, dairy, and soy were slowing down my thyroid, or that my stress and anxiety was linked to the food I was consuming.

Is it wild that our bodies are telling us how we can live life to the fullest? It just takes time to listen and learn what gives your body joy and what’s hurting it.

Food was what was hindering me from living my life out loud. Is there any area where you’re worried about giving up something because you don’t know if something greater will come along?

Maybe it’s a relationship where things are going all right, but deep down you know you are not with the right person. Maybe it’s a job that has great benefits, but the environment is toxic.

Whatever battle you may be facing, just give up gluten – it’s the solution for everything! I’m totally kidding. We will face trials, but we can find peace in every situation. There’s something greater just over the horizon for you. All you have to do is let go of the good for the great.


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  1. auntipaulette says:

    So true. Making good decisions is not easy, but rewarding.


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