Cruising with Food Allergies

Traveling by boat is always a fun way to see the world! To date my boyfriend, Nate & I have truly have fallen in love with cruising. All you can eat food, activities and visiting some beautiful places. When you think of everything that is included in the price of a cruise, you can’t beat it. Most people when they think of cruising think of food, food and more food with maybe glimpses of the sea. Traveling with food allergies and restrictions can be intimidating when deciding to go on a cruise ship. Will the chef make something I will enjoy? Will the ship run out of gluten free bread? How will they know what food I can or cannot eat? I am here to let you know that traveling by cruise ship with food allergies is truly a breeze with Royal Caribbean. Snapseed 4First things first, email Royal Caribbean at Include your name & allergies/food restrictions. Also be sure to include the following info:

  • Reservation #
  • Cruise ship
  • Cruise dates

I found eating in the dining room was the easiest because we got the same wait staff each night so they got to know my needs. When you eat dinner for the first night be sure to tell the waiters when you sit down that you have food allergy. After each dinner they will bring out the menu for the next night where you will pick her meals out for the next day. Honestly this truly made me feel like a VIP. I always knew my meal was going to be made fresh for me and getting to see what food was in store for the next day before the regular public definitely made me feel exclusive. Snapseed 4

When navigating the dining halls find one of the waitstaff and they can help direct you to the food that is safe to eat. We traveled on Harmony of the Seas last spring and there was a huge gluten free section in the buffet! Have one of the waitstaff show you around; they will inform you what to enjoy and what to avoid. Snapseed 4.jpg

On the first day when we got on board the only places available to eat were buffets. I found the chef and he made a custom meal for me. Everyone was eating good meals, but I was eating like a king with my custom made meal that was safe for me. I am pretty sure Nate had food envy seeing my meal. custom made for me

I honestly never had a bad meal on the ship! I still talk to my friends about the amazing desserts I had at sea. I am actually getting ready to go on another Royal Caribbean ship this spring and honestly a huge part of that was the fact they handled my food restrictions so kindly.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy all the delicious meals that are on the horizon!

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