Beauty & The Hash

Tale as old as time, I heard on a commercial this product is true as it can be. Little did you know the product you are about to use is full of yuck and you are left questioning all your cosmetic products. Just a little change, soon you will feel amazing and not insane…Beauty and the Hash.

I couldn’t keep myself from writing a little song to introduce the beauty portion of my blog! From skincare to fashion, which is my original passion, we’ll be sure to talk about it all!

We are so quick to trust the media that we sometimes neglect the truth about the products we put into our bodies. I am not just talking about food, our beauty products are filled with more chemicals than we would like to admit. When changing your lifestyle to a more natural one, you not only need to change your food, but your beauty products as well.

You might be down and dirty because your products at home are filled with things that you don’t realize, but after a year and half of learning and discovering, I am excited to share the products I personally recommend. Let’s get you cleaned up and feeling like new!

Along with changing your lifestyle, you might want to change your wardrobe too. There are so many great companies out there who support healthy bodies, regardless if you are tall, grande or venti in size. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. As a body positive advocate and someone who has been what feels like every shape and size with my body, I am looking forward to helping you feel like a queen or king from head to toe and inside and out.

Now let’s get you healthy before the final rose petal drops.

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